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What to Expect From the 2017 Power Wagon

What to Expect From the 2017 Power Wagon


Drivers may have heard of the Ram 2500 Crew Cab. The 2017 Power Wagon
is a new version of that platform, with all its work-ready features cranked up
to 11. Ram recently unveiled the upcoming 2017 Power Wagon, a hardcore,
heavy-duty torque monster with several updates. Ram fans can expect a release
late in 2016. Here's why the latest Power Wagon is worth snatching up at the
first chance.

The Strength for
Any Job

The Power Wagon's 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine makes a return once again, with
410 horsepower, 429 pound-feet of torque, and 10,030 pounds of max towing
capacity. If that isn't enough, you can try pulling from the front instead with
a 12,000-pound Warn winch. The Power Wagon's balance of high horsepower and
torque make it pretty adept on the highway as well, but its true purpose is to
carry and move the heaviest things possible.


One of the most dramatic changes to the Power Wagon for 2017 is its exterior
styling. Where the 2016 model looked tough and a bit fancy, the 2017 model is
downright intimidating. All of the chrome trim is gone, replaced with opaque
black accents. The straight-topped rhombus headlights lead into the jutting
grille with a centered RAM logo, the only point in shining silver. It makes a
very firm statement that RAM is the undisputed king of off-road trucks.

No Path Too Wild

The Power Wagon is the most off-road capable Ram truck available. It's 14.3
inches of clearance give it a formidable height, and it's right at home
climbing over fallen trees and other obstacles that are too much for other
three-quarter-ton trucks. This is thanks to its skid-plate undercarriage,
disconnecting front anti-roll bar, and electronic locking differentials which
all give the Power Wagon the adaptability of a mini-monster truck.

Polished to

Though no one demanded it, Ram chased minor performance upgrades in the
Power Wagon and created an even better truck as a result. Its front axle
disconnection system is especially impressive and designed to cut efficiency
loss in the entire system when not in four-wheel drive. Dodge claims that this
will slightly improve the fuel economy. All in all, it's the same great truck,
with a reliable 66RFE six-speed automatic transmission and manual transfer

Stylish But Durable

The Dodge Ram, as a working man's truck, makes no claim to being upscale or
ritzy at the base trim levels. However, the 2017 Power Wagon's interior has a
few new options and features that improve upon the mostly utilitarian plastic
design. Buyers can customize the ceiling with a black headliner, and the fabric
seat inserts have a rugged, tire-like color pattern. No word is out yet on what
higher trim levels will offer, but these slight additions will please anyone
who found earlier Power Wagon interiors mundane.

We can't wait to get some 2017 Power Wagon models in our own inventory.
Until then, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about current Ram
trucks. A firm release date is expected in the coming months.

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