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What does certified pre-owned mean and why it is important to know when comparing used cars?


What does certified pre-owned mean and why it is important to know when comparing used cars?

Trust has become a huge influence on today’s used car buyer, with more and more consumers making their way to the used car lots of franchise dealerships. These dealers offer large, well-maintained facilities supported by the resources and stability of a major automotive brand. People generally don’t worry about a Jeep dealership disappearing or going out of business a few months after buying a used car or truck from them. But one of the best examples of how a franchise dealership can sell you a more reliable and trustworthy vehicle is through a certified pre-owned (CPO) program.
Used cars and trucks sold as certified vehicles are all about peace of mind. These are vehicles that might get overlooked in the average shopper’s quest for the best possible price, because Pre-Owned Vehicle Certification has a cost to the dealership that often rolls over into the retail price. However, the extra dollars that appear on the sticker may be worthwhile to you if you take a moment to think about what you get.
Let’s say you are in the market for a Chrysler, and have a shortlist of used cars lined up. One that sits on your list compares to the others as slightly more expensive… but it is part of the Chrysler Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle program. Those extra dollars on the window sticker may make you cringe a little, especially in today’s economy where we all go to great lengths to chisel down our monthly car payments. However, we get some great benefits as used car buyers that deserve to be factored into the decision making process. Here are the features of Chrysler’s Certification program. When you look at each, ask the question “should I be concerned that a non certified vehicle doesn’t offer this assurance?”
-       The car gets a thorough top to bottom, inside and out mechanical, operational, and aesthetic inspection by qualified Chrysler technicians. Anything wrong gets properly serviced... so you don’t need to worry about a piece of black electrical tape covering the Check Engine light.
-       The car gets a complete detailing job to a high standard of quality: from the paint, to the interior to the engine compartment under the hood. The goal is a used car that feels like a new car.
-       A 3 day exchange policy ensures that the vehicle is exactly what you want and need.
-       Access to a selection of special service plans from Chrysler Canada to reduce repair hassles and cost down the road.
-       Available only on late model used vehicles with a reasonable amount of mileage driven.
-       The car hasn’t been altered or written off in an accident, has never plowed snow, hasn’t been subjected to severe off road use… essentially, has not been abused.
These features should cover some of the concerns that every used car buyer with some common sense should be thinking about as they browse used car lots. So the next time you are buying a used car, take the time like I did, and check out the details of the different manufacturer certification programs. The programs will differ slightly whether you are looking at a Chrysler or another brand, but you will find commonalities designed to give you peace of mind. You may find it worth the extra money to protect your investment.

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