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The Future of the Dodge SRT Hellcat 2025

The Future of the Dodge SRT Hellcat 2025

In late 2015, Fiat Chrysler tasked high school students across the United States with creating a brand new design for a potential 2025 model year Dodge SRT Hellcat – and the results are finally in! Four reimagined, futuristic designs for the SRT Hellcat muscle car were chosen as the Drive for Design Contest winners.

Drive for Design was a program established in 2013 by FCA as a fun and creative way to educate students about the field of automotive design and encourage budding artists to consider it as a potential career. So, could these designs be the next SRT Hellcat? While the professional looking concept sketches aren’t actual representations of the future vehicle, they are definitely a source of inspiration for the designers at FCA and could hint at the future of American supercars and innovations in automotive design. All four of the winners will get to attend a three-week design course at the College for Creative Studies, as well as meet with the Fiat Chrysler design team, so perhaps we will see their designs on a Dodge vehicle sometime in the future!

FCA proudly displayed the four winning design sketches at Detroit Autorama 2016, much to the excitement of fans who are looking to catch a glimpse of what they might see next at their local Dodge dealers. Currently, high-performance Hellcat engines are found in Dodge’s full-size vehicles like the Dodge Challenger coupe and Dodge Charger sedan. Today, the Hellcat offers 707 horsepower in a supercharged 6.2 L, V-8 engine, but we can expect the SRT powertrain to evolve and become more refined over time as the overall look at feel of these muscle cars changes as we draw closer to 2025.

Another recent announcement by Fiat Chrysler means we should also see the supercharged Hellcat engine fitted in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge will keep you posted as to when exactly this powerful new Jeep will be available at our Edmonton Dodge dealership!

What do you think of these potential design concepts for the 2025 Dodge SRT Hellcat? Let us know which is your personal favourite in the comments below. Can’t wait to get your hands on a powerful Hellcat vehicle? Stay tuned for more about the possible 2025 Dodge Hellcat, or explore the current lineup of SRT vehicles at Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge, your top Dodge Dealership in Edmonton!

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