2014 Ram 1500 Test Drive

Double Double: 2014 Ram 1500 is the Best of Both Worlds

When you were a kid and your parents took you to a shoe store and had you try on a new pair of shoes, how did you want to test them out? On the smooth, shiny surface of the mall?  Not on your life.  You wanted to find the nearest mud puddle to jump into or pile of rocks to scramble over!  This is precisely the urge I had when I climbed into the pristine white Laramie with crisp chrome accents - a rugged 4-wheel drive with power oozing out of every pore.

That's how I like my Timmie's!  It's also how I like my RAMs and is exactly how I feel about the second opportunity to explore the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie.  "Double Double" is even more appropriate when you consider that this "Everyman's" truck has been awarded the Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award - pause for drum roll - in two consecutive years (2013 and 2014) - a rare feat.  "Double Double" indeed!

In my first go-round with the Laramie I focused on the many sexy instrumentation and technology features such as the generous 8.4-inch touch-screen display of the Uconnect system as well as the luxurious heated and vented double-stitched leather seats and of course the myriad nooks and crannies for storing personal or work-related items.

Putting it through its paces

Driving down a path through the bush, I was happy for the heated steering wheel on this cool morning and for the several drive train options, shifting on the fly.  Selecting 4-wheel drive low and when I started off I could immediately hear the low growl of the engine.  I could feel the fluid power of the drivetrain as the truck easily negotiated its way over the bumpy, uneven terrain that is usually reserved for quads and other off-road vehicles. The RAM 1500 was at home in this unfriendly environment and at how the suspension still allowed for a smooth and comfortable ride that in many vehicles would be bone jarring.

Later in the day I picked up a friend of mine and headed to the Motor Show.  It was great to walk around the cornucopia of cars and to slide in to the ones that caught our fancy. It was amazing how awkward it was to get into many of the vehicles that are cramped and shy of headroom.  Getting back into the Ram at the end of the afternoon was a relief for my friend (6ft plus) and on the way home we enjoyed the open air of the sliding moon roof and chatted amiably about the relative pros and cons of the many vehicles we had encountered.  I must say that it was also gratifying to see the appreciative and envious looks our Laramie got from many of the people we encountered in the parking lot.  Just as the Laramie is at home in the unforgiving wilderness, it is also at home in the urban jungle!

The Laramie is only one of many iterations of the 2014 Dodge Ram.  The line up includes the ST (Standard Equipment), the SXT, the SLT (all with the option of Regular/Quad/Crew cabs), as well as the Outdoorsman, Big Horn, Sport (available in Quad/Crew versions), and also the Laramie Longhorn Crew and the Laramie Limited Crew - surely something for everyone depending on needs, finances, and tastes!

In returning the 2014 Dodge Ram Laramie I could only hope for  a "Triple Double" - or maybe this would be too much to hope for?