2014 Dodge Durango Test Drive

2014 Dodge Durango's Too Hot To Handle?

The Durango Diner on the Main Street of Durango, Colorado specializes in Green Chili and their State-famous Southwest Salsa - known for it's exquisite taste and a flavor that'll broaden your taste palate to the size of Ron's corner office. I can just imagine Ron Burgundy pulling up in front of this iconic restaurant in the 2014 Dodge Durango, looking like a refined, but experienced matador, smelling of rich mahogany, gazing wisely into the future. The Durango, like Burgundy, is larger than the parking lot in which he is perched, larger than the Colorado Rockies, larger than life itself.. In fact everything about the 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel is larger than life!


Put Some South In Yo' Mouth!


There are a lot of 'fixins' in the Durango and they really do spice up the ride.The 8.4A UConnect Multimedia Centre is where it all starts and then radiates out from there.The large touch screen system gives you access to almost every aspect of your driving experience (climate controls/audio controls/media controls/navigation system controls/Bluetooth Phone set-up controls, etc.).You can even split the real estate and have the navigation screen come up as picture-in-picture within the audio control screen.And to top it off, you can manipulate most of these controls by activating voice recognition (VR) or [insert favorite Burgundy quote here]!

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As I got ready to climb into the Durango for the last ride I started up the motor using the remote start feature on the key fob.I walked around the Citadel admiring the 20" wheels and the clean lines.The rear brake/park lights that run across the full rear of the vehicle also caught my attention and as I finally drove away from my place I could see the reflection of the Low-beam HID headlamps (with automatic leveling and high-beam control) on my garage door.I settled into the ultra-comfortable driver's seat, tuned the Satellite Radio to a favorite channel, and lost myself in the quiet, cavernous cabin!I was getting hungry and all I could think of was Green Chili and Southwest Salsa (oh, and a cerveza)!




Sightlines in the Durango are excellent and only enhanced by the generous state of the art mirror system along with the ParkView Rear Back-up Camera crisply displayed on the UConnect 8.4A multimedia screen when you turn the rotary shifter to Reverse. In fact, the image is so crisp sometimes I like to just stare into the rear camera while sending a live feed of the camera to my cellular phone just to see how incredibly good looking I am. Anyhow, when backing up, the side view mirrors automatically tilt to a position where you can see the lower spaces around you that might just include wayward toddlers or their toys, or in fact, any type of obstruction.What a remarkable feature! The side view mirrors also host Blind Spot Monitoring technology while the ParkView system also includes Rear Cross-Path Detection (which might just stop you from running over your neighbor's cat).


One of the hazards of owning a vehicle with this much cargo space (84.5 cubic feet with all seats in the second and third rows folded flat) is that you'll often be asked to help friends, family, or neighbors to move things that won't quite fit in their own vehicles including in many of their minivans.Oh well, it is good to be neighborly!


The versatility of the Durango really shone through this weekend what with celebrating two birthdays, Mother's Day, and golfing all on the menu. Transporting people from one event to the next was a delight and full of useful commentary on the virtues of the Durango. People commented on how much room they have sitting in the vehicle; how comfortable the ride is in the heated/ventilated Nappa leather seats; how phenomenal the visibility is out of the cabin; how clever the instrument array is and how sweet the technology is. Everyone seemed to like how accessible the media slots are for interacting with the UConnect multimedia centre and how easy the system is to use. Overall, the many and varied passengers, occupying front and rear rows of seating, had nothing but high praise for the 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel.


Cargo space really is something to focus on in this SUV.Golf clubs look like overnight bags in the rear cavity of the Durango (I only transported one set) but it would be easy to imagine the whole Channel 4 News Team heading out to the links with four over-sized golf bags, pull carts, and other golfing paraphernalia in tow.This really is a "Sport" Utility Vehicle in the truest sense of the term.

Much like the end of an excellent nightly episode with the Channel 4 News Team, the 2014 Durango has left me smiling and satisfed. And remember,

Stay Classy, Dodge Durango.