2014 Chrysler Town & Country

2014 Chrysler Town & Country

Denim & Donegal Tweed

Experiencing a 2014 Town & Country is like walking into a closet and having the option of putting on your most comfortable denim jeans or wearing your prized Donegal Tweed jacket - comfortable and classy!  Are you going to the neighbor's farm auction sale, or are you driving into the city to check out the new acquisition at the Art Gallery?  Whatever your destination, urban or rural, you will get there in style in the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country and you'll have more than enough space to carry home those acquired treasures (in fact up to 4072 L or 143.8 cu ft with the second and third row seats stored).


You're going to the Cineplex to see the latest Megan Fox offering at the Box Office.  You and your significant other settle into the premium Napa leather (with Alcantara suede) seats, tune into 'her' favorite satellite radio station, and adjust the climate controls to 'her' comfort setting.  Oh wait, there are dual zone climate controls - you can have your setting too!  You reach up to the dash and niftily slide the gearshift into reverse.  Immediately the ParkView Rear Back-up camera springs to life, you check your surroundings as reminded to by the monitor, and back out of the driveway.  An audible signal (thanks to the Class-exclusive Rear Cross-Path Detection system) lets you know that a vehicle or something else is approaching and so you put on the brakes.  Once you're on your way you settle into a comfortable silence, slide the Power Sunroof open with the flick of a switch and enjoy the cool breeze wafting in.

Activating buttons on your Keyless Enter'n Go fob, both driver and passenger rear sliding doors quietly and efficiently slide open.  Your friends climb into the second row seats, comment on the new-car smell and congratulate you for being on time.  You look at the sexy retro Chrysler clock and see that you're only 20 minutes behind schedule.  You smile and pull away from the curb.  You've been to this particular Cineplex before but you still have entered the coordinates into your navigation system (part of the Uconnect 430N system that comes standard).  Just as well, because there's been a major road closure and the navigation system detects this problem and plans a work around.  You make it with a few minutes to spare.

Megan Fox was foxy as usual, the popcorn was good and once more the four of you head for the Town & Country in the parking lot.  You find it easily; it's the one with a crowd of people standing around it admiring the sleek lines and the classy badging.  Your friend begs you to let him drive and reluctantly you acquiesce, handing him the keys but not before reminding him that if there are any mishaps while he's driving, it's going to cost him his first-born child.

You arrive home without incident and head to bed with fond memories of a great evening, a pleasant trip home in your new T & C, and of course Megan Fox!


You purchased a '57 Jupiter Classic Wooden Boat last year and you're itching to get it in the water.  You've got the kids and dog all set to go.  Now it's time to load up the back of the Town and Country and head out of town.


The one-touch power-folding third row 60/40 split-bench seat folds neatly and quickly into the floor (available class-exclusive option).  You recruit your kids to haul out the luggage and supplies from the front hall and as they start that process, you check the dual glove box compartments to make sure that all your vehicle documents are in order.  Your sunglasses, spare set of keys, iPod and USB connector fit neatly into one of the two generous covered cargo receptacles in the console between the two front seats.  You check your CD/DVD collection and your assortment of video game console connectors to make sure you've got all the entertainment options handy for the six-hour drive.  You know that the kids will want to plug themselves in to the Industry Exclusive Dual Blu-ray system and that suits you just fine.  You can sit back and listen to your favorite CD.

Your wife watches on as you expertly back up and lock on to the boat trailer.  You make all the electrical connections and do a quick walk-about.  Everybody climbs in to the vehicle and you pull away from your driveway not even feeling the weight of the boat and trailer behind you. Towing capacity is rated at 1588kg (3500 lb) and the standard Trailer Sway Control (along with numerous other safety features) gives you a lot of confidence that your boat (and your family) are going to get to their destination in one piece.

The Jupiter Classic slips neatly into the water and as you pull away from the boat launch you take one last look back at the classy 2014 Chrysler Town & Country silhouetted in the distance.

The Last Word

Do you like to wear denim or Donegal Tweed?  It depends I suppose, on the occasion.  Whichever the choice, either selection fits neatly into the world of the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country, which isn't your run-of-the-mill minivan; but rather, a 3.6L Pentastar VVT (V6) powered luxury automobile characterized by quality craftsmanship and benchmark styling.