Multi Point Vehicle Inspection

When you service your vehicle with us at Crosstown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram here in Edmonton, we want you leaving our service centre feeling comfortable and informed. Our factory trained and certified technicians have your vehicle's well-being and your peace of mind as their main goals.

Because of this, we provide you with an easy to read report that outlines anything that we feel should be brought to your attention. This report lets us communicate clearly with you, leaving you feeling confident with your vehicle.

From drop off to pick up, Crosstown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram keeps you informed

When you service your vehicle with us at Crosstown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Edmonton, a Service Advisor goes through any of the issues that you have with your vehicle. The Service Advisors takes your vehicle's care and maintenance a step further and does a thorough inspection of your entire vehicle. They look at your vehicle's transmission, battery, tires, brakes, fluids, everything!

Know Your Vehicle Report

Our easy to read Vehicle Report provides you with the results from our inspection. We give you all the information for the concerns that your vehicle was initially brought in for, and we highlight any recommendations for services, as well as services that need immediate attention. We give you the information as to WHY we recommend these services, because we want you to understand your vehicle just as well as we do.

This Vehicle Report is immediately emailed out to you, so you have a detailed outline as to which areas your vehicle passed, where attention is needed, and areas where immediate service is needed. And just so there are no surprises, each recommendation is provide with the estimated price.

These recommendations let you stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about what's going on with your vehicle.

We know you want straight, informative answers and here at Crosstown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Edmonton, we give them to you.