The toughest Bed Liner for your truck is at Crosstown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Edmonton

The toughest Bed Liner for your truck is at Crosstown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Edmonton.

There are several bed liner options out there, but they can lack in durability, convenience and strength. Here's what makes Crosstown's bed liners the best:

Superior Spray Engineering

Some bed liners use screws, clamps or drill holes during installation that causes rust over time. A Crosstown bed liner is created using a high quality polyurea/polyurethane spray, perfectly engineered to create a permanent air and watertight layer. This method ensures your truck bed is forever protected from all rust and corrosion.

Through cold winters and hot summers, our state-of-the-art spray application eliminates any possibility of cracking or material breakdown due to extreme weather. Tough enough for any job and strong enough for all types of weather, your Crosstown bed liner will never:

  • Snap
  • Wear out
  • Break
  • Bubble
  • Peel

Superior Efficiency

If you're using a truck cover to protect your truck bed, you're being robbed of valuable cargo space. A Crosstown bed liner will never restrict the height of your load; so stack it up and strap it down. The unique texture of our bed liner grips on to your cargo, keeping it in place and reducing the chance of any unwanted sliding or shifting while you drive.

Whether your truck is new or old, Crosstown's bed liner can be applied to every truck make, every truck model and every type of truck bed; and it doesn't stop there. It can also be applied to front and rear bumpers and grilles.

Superior Durability

A Crosstown bed liner is made from the highest quality polyurea/polyurethane spray. Our unique chemical combination results in the best material to provide the toughest, strongest, most flexible, and resistant bed liner available for any truck.

It's fast-drying, impermeable to moisture, and resistant to abrasion. A Crosstown bed liner is the perfect truck bed liner application. Come see us at Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge to get your bed liner today!


  • Air and watertight
  • Protects from all rust and corrosion
  • Stands up to extreme weather conditions
  • Cut and break resistant
  • Works on any truck make - new or old
  • Unique texture grips cargo, reduces unwanted sliding
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  • Truck is masked with paper and plastic to protect it from possible overspray
  • All bolts and accessories are removed
  • Bed and tailgate are abraded and wiped down to guarantee the bed liner bonds to the truck
  • Compact trigger control spray gun controls the amount of spray, giving an even texture and finish
  • During preparation, tape containing wire is applied. Once complete, the wire tape is pulled through the liner, safely trimming it without scratching the paint and ensuring a razor sharp finish
  • Paper and plastic sheeting is removed and hardware is reinstalled.
  • Truck is ready to go

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