Get Ready for Summer RVing With RAM

March 23rd, 2020 by

In Alberta, the return of longer days and warmer weather can only mean one thing – it’s time to get ready for summer camping season! Edmonton is a busy city, and after an exhausting week of sunrise meetings at the jobsite or a gruelling 9:00 to 5:00 at the office, there is nothing quite like knowing you’ll be able to escape it all at the end of the workweek. Edmonton is just a short drive away from some of the most beautiful lakes, forests and mountain ranges in Canada, making it possible to hitch up the RV and take the family on a new camping adventure just about every weekend. If you want to make sure you’ve got a pickup that’s up to the challenge, look no further than the almighty RAM truck – a tough-as-nails pickup that will make you feel like a hero as you take on a full summer of RV camping adventures!

What Can My RAM Tow?

Among RAM 1500’s several trim levels, all three of its powertrains – a V-6, V-8, and 3.0L V-6 EcoDiesel – deliver impressive power and a whopping 12,750 pound maximum towing capacity, which is more than enough to tow just about any RV on the market. In fact, with most fully-stocked RVs, including tent trailers, toy haulers and travel trailers, weighing in well under 10,000lbs, RAM 1500 could easily haul the family camper and an additional boat or bicycle trailer. There is no limit to the experiences you can give your family when you’ve got a RAM!

RAM offers a lot more than just raw power, including thoughtful details that can make all the difference when you’re hauling a hefty RV. The entire family will ride in comfort thanks to RAM’s standard coil spring (or optional air spring) rear suspension, which delivers an unbelievably smooth ride throughout the cabin. RAM is also one of the easiest of all the big trucks to drive, with light steering, excellent sight lines and optional trims, like the Rebel model, that turns RAM into an off-roading powerhouse. Even with 7500lbs of trailer behind you, you’ll drive with confidence knowing that RAM’s exceptional braking system is designed to stop on a dime, keeping you and your family safe during unexpected driving situations. Everything about RAM pickup trucks is designed to make your journey out of Edmonton as relaxing as your weekend at Elk Island National Park with your family.

RAM is unique in that it’s one of the few pickups that is able to tow a fifth wheel, which is a type of trailer that has an upper segment that sits on top of a truck bed. In order to haul a fifth wheel, you need a truck bed that is at least 6-feet long and a heavy-duty truck, such as RAM 2500 or 3500, with enough torque and towing capacity to confidently handle the weight of the trailer. You’ll also need to have your fifth wheel connected to your trailer using a fifth-wheel hitch that connects the trailer to your braking system, which any local RV dealership can do for you. They’ll also give you plenty of tips on how to maintain your RV and how to park any trailer, so that you look and feel like a pro from the second you pull into the campsite.

Let RAM Help You Make Family Memories This Summer

Whether you’re escaping to nearby Rainbow Valley Campground for the weekend or making the journey to Banff for a few weeks over the kids’ summer break, a RAM 1500, 2500 or 3500 pickup truck will help you get there. RAM is one of the few trucks that offers enough power and performance to haul just about any RV you can imagine, but also has enough comfort and luxury features to keep the entire family happy during long journeys.

Our team at Crosstown Chrysler knows the specs about every RAM truck on the lot, and as a group of outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we can walk you through all of the features that make RAM trucks perfect for both RV season and everyday life in Edmonton, Alberta. Give us a call or stop by our dealership today to test drive an impressive RAM pickup truck!

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