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5 Educational Activities To Do With Kids in Edmonton, AB

5 Educational Activities To Do With Kids in Edmonton, AB

Education doesn't have to be something that only happens at school, and it
doesn't have to be as boring or as stressful as school, either. If you live in
Edmonton and you want your kids to go out and learn something while having fun
at the same time, try one of these activities.

The Edmonton Valley

Zoos began as ways for rich patrons to amaze their friends and subjects with
a variety of strange and unusual animals from the distant corners of the globe,
but they've become places to preserve, conserve, and display animals to educate
the public. Also, kids love to see all the animals they can only see in
pictures otherwise.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo has over 350 animals from a wide range
of climates and continents, including Cuban tree frogs, axolotls, Siberian
tigers, arctic wolves, and scarlet macaws. In addition to the animals, the
Edmonton Valley Zoo also stands at the front of national conservation efforts,
and it has several educational events and activities that teach kids and adults
alike how they can make a difference in preserving our environment.

The Reynolds
Alberta Museum

This technology and aviation museum is somewhat of a drive out of Edmonton,
but it's worth it to see some one-of-a-kind preserved and restored aircraft.
Other exhibits include the development of transportation technology, the
mechanization of agriculture, and a growing number of industrial machines. The
museum also offers biplane rides, vintage vehicle tours, and tours of the
museum's storage facility.

TELUS World of

Over at Coronation Park, you can find TELUS, a
nonprofit organization with facilities throughout Canada. TELUS offers
interactive exhibits suitable for children of all ages. Even toddlers age three
and under can enjoy themselves in a special supervised area as their older
siblings enjoy the rest of the museum. Meanwhile, parents and older children
are sure to have fun in the large IMAX theater which plays 3D movies.

Prairie Gardens and
Adventure Farm

Prairie Gardens doesn't just offer agricultural products that visitors can
pick for themselves, it also provides activities and programs for families,
school trips, and summer camps. Attractions include a petting zoo, corn mazes,
tractor rides, a haunted house in October, face painting, and a giant chess
board. The summer camp includes both fun activities and educational
opportunities like learning how to care for animals or how to raise and harvest

Jurassic Forest

Most kids go through a phase where they can't get enough of dinosaurs, and
Jurassic Forest is the perfect place to take them. Based in an old growth
forest, Jurassic Forest has several life-size replicas of dinosaurs in the sort
of habitats where they might have lived. It also has several archaeological
"dig" sites where kids can hunt through the dirt for fossils.

Kids love to learn, even if school can sometimes make them feel like it's a
drag. That's why it's good to take your children to educational outings every
once in a while so they can experience the joy of discovering something new.

"Reynolds Alberta Museum" by Wilson Hui, used under CC BY 

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