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Edmonton and the Drive-In


Edmonton and the Drive-In


What is it about Edmonton

cars and the proverbial drive-in? Well, it must be that you
just can't get us out of our vehicles. It's not too hard to believe that
at one point before the dissolution of the drive-in, Edmonton had more
drive-in movie theatres than anywhere else in the country.

Whether it's entertainment that we can enjoy simply
by parking in front of a big screen and snuggling up, or a great meal at
a drive-in window that we can conveniently get our food at, we are
definitely committed to the concept of the drive-in here in Edmonton. It
is so gratifying to see Silver Spur Movies valiantly bring back the
drive-in, which made us realize that it isn't only drive-in theatres
that we're so anxious to spend time at, it's also drive-in restaurants,
drive-in bank machines, and drive-through coffee shops – you name it, if
we don't have to get out of our automobiles

we are generally up for it.
Edmonton Was The Drive In Theatre Capital of

Edmonton was the Canadian
city with the most drive-in movie theatres by 1970. But it was the
increased value of land combined with the rising popularity of videos
that brought the drive-in theatre down. Digital film formats that cost
much more than old 35 mm film also played a part in the drive-in's
demise. Prior to that, Edmonton had the distinct honour of boasting 10
outdoor screens though, the most anywhere in Canada. The first curved
screen available in Alberta was at the Belmont Drive-In, which opened in
the early 1950s. Earlier on, the Starlite which had been operating
since 1949, proudly put up a 50-foot screen and hosted a preened parking
lot big enough to hold a thousand cars.

Drive Up in Your Car and Be Fed Through Your

It's really the
convenience of it all that has many of us still frequenting fast food
restaurants in Edmonton and staying in our cars. No-one can deprive us
of enjoying a good donair or pizza, or even great Chinese food, by way
of a drive-thru. What better way to enjoy our favourite music and
personal space that's been perfectly adjusted in every way to be just
right? In our comfy

cars, SUVs and trucks,  we have everything we need
just a reach away, and we don't even have to lift a finger or open a
door to have lunch or dinner.
There are
numerous drive-through restaurants to enjoy Edmonton. As far as drive-in
theatres go, the Gemini Drive-In in Redcliff is located just north of
Highway 1 near Medicine Hat. The best cars that lend themselves to the
drive-in movie theatre or the drive-through restaurant are roomy and
comfortable, well-ventilated, with plenty of leg room, many different
compartments and multiple areas to put food in.

It isn't about the movie or the food, though. It's all about
our vehicles!

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