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Driving Test Tips - Pre Trip Checks

Driving Test Tips - Pre Trip Checks

An easy driving test tip to forget is that you need to check in and around your vehicle every time you use it. Whether you are driving for a short distance or are examining your car in a detailed inspection before a trip, here are some of the key things to remember:

What to Check Each Time You Drive

  • Make sure you have your insurance and vehicle registration in your vehicle
  • Check your tires to ensure they have enough air as well as sufficient tread
  • Make sure your tires don't have any bulges or cuts
  • Check your lights, mirrors and windows to ensure they are clean and adjusted properly
  • Check under your car for any fluid or oil patches
  • Check your seat and seat belts to ensure they are adjusted
  • Walk around your vehicle to check for any objects or hazards nearby
  • Check for children, pedestrians or obstacles while looking ahead, to both sides, and behind your vehicle

What to Check in a Detailed Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Check under the hood for fluid levels, including windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid, oil, power steering fluid and transmission fluid
  • Check your headlights, signal lights, tail lights and brake lights to make sure they are working properly
  • Once inside your vehicle, check your brakes to ensure they don't require excess pedal movement
  • Check to make sure the steering doesn't have excess movement

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