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Driving Test Tips - How to Parallel Park


Driving Test Tips - How to Parallel Park

Some basic driving test tips when you are parallel parking are to remember to use your signals, always obey the traffic signs nearby, and watch out for pedestrians - especially children.
Move Slowly Alongside the Vehicle Ahead of Your Parking Spot
When you approach the parking spot you want to park in, move slowly ahead beside the car ahead of your spot, aligning your vehicle exactly parallel to it. The rear bumper of your car should be in the same line as the rear bumper of the car parked beside you (in the spot in front of where you want to park). It's a good idea to tap your brakes a couple of times to alert drivers coming from behind that you intend to stop. Make sure to leave at least a metre of space between you and the vehicle beside you, and stay parallel with the curb.
Back Up Slowly Until Your Vehicle is at a 45 Degree Angle With the Curb
Put your vehicle in reverse and check in all directions for any hazards. Then back up slowly while looking in the rear over your right shoulder. Stop when you are at a 45 degree angle with the curb, and check again for any hazards.
Continue Backing Up Slowly and Straighten Your Front Wheels
When it is safe to do so, keep backing up slowly as you straighten your front wheels. Continue looking behind you, while occasionally glancing ahead to ensure your vehicle is clearing the vehicle ahead. Slowly straighten the front wheels until you are parallel with the curb, and stop. Be careful not to hit the car behind you.
Go Forward Until your Vehicle is Centered
Put your vehicle into drive, and slowly go forward to centre your vehicle between the cars in front and back of yours, ensuring you are parked 50 centimetres from the curb. Put your car into park and put on the parking brake.
Keep practicing parallel parking until your vehicle position is correct once you have parked and you have executed it smoothly.

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