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Driving Test Tips - How To Make Right Turns

Driving Test Tips - How To Make Right Turns

Driving Test Tips For Right Turns

When you are practicing for your driving test, one of the best driving test tips is to spend as much time as possible on both right and left turns. Before making a right turn, the first thing to remember is to slow down approximately 50 metres from the intersection you will be turning at. If you need to change lanes to make your turn, do so at least 15 metres beforehand. Turn on your right signal at least 30 metres from the intersection if you are in the city, and at least 100 metres if you are driving in rural areas.

Once you are at the intersection, look left, right and centre to be aware of everything that is going on. The things to scan are:

  • other traffic
  • traffic lights
  • cyclists
  • pedestrians
  • signs
  • parked vehicles
  • any hazards
  • any obstructions in the way

Ensure that you do a shoulder check on your right side to make sure there are no cyclists in your blind spot. If there are pedestrians, let them go first. Once the coast is clear at the intersection, you will be ready to start your right turn.

If there are any parked cars or other obstructions in the lane you will be turning into, turn into the first available lane right next to it. When you make the turn, do not look at the curb while you follow its curve. Stay at the same speed while you turn, and then slowly accelerate as you join into the flow of traffic. Unless a sign indicates otherwise, you can make a right turn on a red light, once you fully stop. A tip to help you pass your driving test is making sure that you check over your right shoulder before you turn right.

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