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Driving Test Tips - How to Drive in Fog

Driving Test Tips - How to Drive in Fog

One of the most useful driving test tips is knowing how to drive in fog. When driving in foggy weather, do not turn on your high beams. Make sure that you use either your low beam headlights, or fog lights if your vehicle has them. High beam headlights can cause glare by reflecting off the fog.

When you come across foggy weather suddenly, slow down your speed as much as you require to see ahead. It is more important to slow down even to a crawl, than to not be able to see the road in front of you. When rain or slippery conditions accompany the foggy weather you are driving in, slow down your speed and make sure that you avoid stopping suddenly. This will avoid your brakes locking, which will allow you to steer more effectively.

It is very important to use good judgment when driving in fog or any other poor condition on the road. When you come across slippery roads, poor visibility, or other drivers who are not responding ideally to the poor driving conditions, increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you keep a safe distance, it will allow you more time to react to any poor weather conditions.

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