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How the Dodge Grand Caravan Lets You Have It All

How the Dodge Grand Caravan Lets You Have It All


Today fewer people buy minivans than in the past, but the competition for
this segment of the market is still fierce. Of all the major players in the
minivan business, Dodge remains at the top with the 2016 Grand
, a model with essentially no downside. Here are the many ways the
Grand Caravan satisfies a minivan driver's needs.

Powertrain and

Most minivans feature a choice of two or more engines, forcing drivers to
pick between a sluggish fuel sipper or a thirsty powerhouse. In contrast, the
2016 Grand Caravan has only one engine, but it's the right one, no matter what
you're looking for. This is the most powerful standard V6 in its class, a
3.6-liter with 283 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. It gets 17 miles
per gallon in the city, and 25 mph on the highway. That's one of the highest
fuel ratings among minivans.

This Pentastar engine delivers power to a six-speed automatic transmission
that's buttery smooth at high and low gears. Where ethanol-gasoline blends are
available, you find 2016 Grand Caravans configured for E85 fuel, which helps
out with expenses with a negligible decrease in economy.

Safety and Driver

Safety is a top priority for large families that need a minivan, and here
the Grand Caravan continues to excel. The solid crash test results are one
thing, but the minivan also helps prevent accidents with active safety and
practical features. The rearview camera has color-coded guides to held the driver
understand just how close an object is, and the steering-wheel-mounted controls
for the audio system and cruise control keep the driver's hands on the wheel.

Utility and Space

The 2016 Grand Caravan features a massive 143 cubic feet of cargo space.
The Super Stow 'n Go system lets you lift out the cargo floor to reveal a
lower area that helps with stacking tall objects. The Stow 'n Go seats in the
second row easily fold flat with the floor as well. Everywhere you look inside,
there's extra space and utility, like a small storage area up front for the
driver. The optional load-levelling suspension keeps the Grand Caravan
perfectly even, regardless of weight difference in the front or back. This
keeps fragile objects from falling over.

Have you ever tailgated in a minivan before? The Grand Caravan's third-row
seats flip all the way backward, turning into comfortable chairs along the
cargo area, facing out the back. The liftgate, which is normally just for
loading and unloading, becomes a comfortable step to rest your feet as you
enjoy a cookout or conversation. 

All in all, the Grand Caravan injects excitement and power into the
minivan market. Dodge's new standards are impressive, to say the least. If
you're in the market, don't pass them up without at least a test drive. Visit
or contact us at your earliest convenience, bring your family, and we'll be
glad to let you test out this superb caravan for yourself.

Image via Flickr by FCA: Corporate

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