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Canadian Black Book Values

Price comparison has always been part of buying a used car. But nowadays consumers have a lot more tools and information available to make an informed decision. It wouldn't make sense to ignore online tools like Canadian Black Book and others that provide estimates of a car's worth. The estimates are calculated based on what similar cars are being sold for; it is based on what the market dictates. Crosstown has been using the market value pricing technique to offer the Best Dodge and Ram deals in Edmonton for many years.


When browsing used inventory or requesting a trade-in appraisal at Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge, expect to see fair prices that match the market value of the vehicle and can be confirmed with tools like Black Book. The only instances where this kind of valuation tools fail is when they don't have enough data to give an accurate estimated. This is only a problem for vehicles that are very usual or have been highly customized. Consider a truck that has been lifted, equipped with custom headlights, rims, etc. Accessories and maintenance services may not be considered in Black Book. If Black Book knows of 10 trucks of that year make and model and yours is the only one with custom accessories, your truck is probably going to look like an overpriced item compared to the rest even though the price is fair. The same thing tends to happen with luxury vehicles. Sometimes luxury editions may be compared with the economic editions of the same make and model and seem overpriced. If you notice something out of place in your trade-in appraisal or quote feel free to ask directly. Crosstown's transparency policy is all about helping clients understand how pricing is calculated.