4 Upcoming Events in Edmonton Destined to Entertain


Edmonton is a hotbed of enjoyment and excitement that has something that will appeal to everyone. Regardless if you are looking for thrilling nightlife, theater shows, or events the whole family can enjoy, there is something in Edmonton that will suit your interests perfectly. Check out a few of these upcoming events below to help plan your next adventure.

1. Edmonton Oil Kings

Hockey fans won't want to miss one of the premier teams in the Western Hockey League on their home ice at Rogers Places. In addition to smashmouth, in-your-face action, fans can take part in special promotional events like Star Wars night, Fan Appreciation night, and Pink at the Rink, which helps raise money to fight breast cancer. Catching an Edmonton Oil Kings game also provides an opportunity to see future National Hockey League stars on the rise. To find out when they are playing next, check out their current schedule for further details.

2. Ice Castles

If you're looking for some family entertainment in the great outdoors, then head down to Hawrelak Park to see the Ice Castles on display. This acre-sized ice monument features dozens of castles arranged in an intertwining maze that will have visitors feeling like they just landed in Narnia. There are hours of enjoyment to be had, along with exceptional selfie opportunities, thanks to the winding mazes, tall monuments, and waterfall. The Ice Castles display is open from Wednesdays to Mondays through the month of March.

3. Body World: Animal Inside Out

An educational experience for both children and adults alike, Animal Inside Out is an anatomical exploration of over 100 different specimens on display at the Telus World of Science. Due to the process of plastination, all sorts of animals, including giraffes, camels, and octopuses, have been preserved so visitors can see their tendons, bone, veins, and arteries. Examine wildlife like you have never done before, while getting a biology lesson at the same time. 

None of the animals were hurt or killed for the Animal Inside Out exhibit. All specimens came from the cooperation of various zoos, animal shelters, and veterinary groups.

This list represents just a fraction of all the exciting upcoming events in Edmonton, and, as you can see, the selection is quite diverse. In fact, when planning your next outing in Canada's Festival City, the biggest problem won't be finding something to do but trying to decide between all the choices. It's also a great opportunity to take your new Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge out for a drive recently purchased from Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

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