4 Reasons to Visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo


The Edmonton Valley Zoo is a fun day out for the young and the young at heart. You can see different animals, enjoy live entertainment, and throughout the year you can take advantage of some seasonal events that the kids are sure to love.

Honeybee Hives

The Edmonton Valley Zoo has set up onsite honeybee hives to help increase pollination in the area. They have also set up bee hotels where native bee species can lay eggs and reproduce to increase the bee population in Edmonton.

When you visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo you can head to the hives to learn more about the huge role that bees play in nature and why the conservation effort to keep them alive is an important once. You can also have a little sample of some of these honeybee's delicious honey.

Arctic Shores Exhibit

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is passionate about saving polar bear habitats around the world. Visitors can go to the Arctic Shores exhibit at the zoo to see polar bears up close and learn about what is happening to their icy habitat. The exhibit aims to educate guests and help to inspire people to get out there and help save these beautiful animals and their homes. 

During the summer, visitors can even take part in educational events in the exhibit area where you and your children can learn more about climate change and the conservation of polar environments.


Zoominescence is a light festival that takes place at the Edmonton Valley Zoo every winter. The festival puts on a fantastic artistic lights display all around the zoo which is something truly stunning once the sun goes down. Each year there is a theme and artists from around Canada send in entries to take part in the light festival and show off their creative flair. Residents can vote through the zoo's website.

In addition to light installations, you can also go ice skating and ice sliding. You can sit back to watch fire dancers warm up the night. The event is a fundraiser that aims to raise money for the Edmonton Valley Zoo charity. 

Animal Talks

Every day, the Edmonton Valley Zoo puts on a different animal talk around the zoo. Some of the regular talks include elephant talks, reindeer talks, seal talks, and Canadian carnivore talks. Visitors should report to the location of that animal's area in the zoo to get started on one of the talks.

The talks are all run by experts at the zoo and it's such a great way to learn more about the different animals. You'll learn about what they like to eat, whether they're social animals or prefer solitude, and what their homes are like in the wild. Be sure to check the daily schedule when you arrive so you don't miss any of the talks.

Whether you want to simply come and see lemurs, red pandas, elephants, and giraffes, or you want to delve deeper and see what else the zoo has to offer, a trip to the Edmonton Valley Zoo is one that you won't soon forget. Its also a good chance to take the new car you recently purchased at Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge for a drive!

 "Elephant" by Megumi Sasaki, used under CC BY 

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