Your Guide to Edmonton's Galaxyland


No matter what time of year it is, you can have a grand time when you head to Galaxyland in Edmonton, Alberta. Located in West Edmonton Mall, this largest indoor amusement park in North America offers nearly 30 space-themed rides and entertainment for all ages. Learn more about the rides and attractions you can enjoy when you plan a trip to Galaxyland.

Rides for Thrill Seekers

When you're interested in heart-pounding thrills and action, you need to check out the thrill rides at Galaxyland. Climb inside the Galaxy Orbiter to tour the entire park while traveling over 1,500 feet of roller coaster track at high speeds that produce upwards of 3.3 g-forces. If that's not enough speed for you, then you'll want to take on Mind Bender. This is the world's largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster, and it offers a maximum speed of 60 mph and upwards of 5.6 g-forces.

Rides for Young Children

While Galaxyland has plenty of excitement for older riders, it also offers fun for the littlest thrill seekers in the family. The Dragon Wagon is a pint-sized roller coaster designed for children between 36 and 55 inches in height. The oval track offers a moderate speed, gentle climbs, and small drops. Another great option for children ages 12 and under is the Galaxy Kids Playpark. This multi-level play area is a socks-only environment that has slides, bridges, ball pits, and climbing obstacles. Plus, the entire family can enjoy a ride on the carousel or a walk through the fun house.

Other Attractions

In addition to rides, there are other attractions at Galaxyland that test your skills and provide plenty of fun. Ropes Quest is a three-story ropes course with various obstacles to complete while suspended above the ground. You'll also find Rock 'N' Wall, an indoor climbing wall that has three routes to the top.

Exciting Games

Along with an excellent selection of rides, Galaxyland also has an impressive number of games for hours of fun. The arcade area has over 100 games that range from enduring classics to brand new offerings. Pick up your arcade card and swipe it at each game to play. The tickets you win automatically go on the card, and you'll find plenty of great prizes when you redeem your tickets. Galaxyland even has carnival-style wall games like water gun racing and balloon popping where you can win awesome prizes.

Great Food Choices

If you start feeling hungry, Galaxyland has several spots where you can recharge with a delicious snack. Stardust Mini-Doughnuts is located just inside the main gate and serves up warm and sweet mini doughnut delights. You can also cool down with a refreshing scoop of Dippin' Dots. Or head to Galaxy Treats where you'll find sweet treats that include ice cream, popsicles, chocolate bars, cotton candy, candy apples, and soft drinks.

Any time you're interested in exciting rides, fun games, and delicious treats, you need to head to Galaxyland and explore all the attractions available. It's also the perfect opportunity to take that new or used car you recently bought at Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge out for a drive when on the way to West Edmonton Mall!

"West Edmonton Mall" by JasonParis, used under CC BY

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