Do You Need a Crossover or SUV?


Crossover vehicles are becoming more and more popular, with auto manufacturers coming out with new models each year. SUVs have been on the market for years and for many are the best choice for hauling gear and going on off-road adventures. While many crossover vehicles offer similar features as do SUVs, there are some key differences. Here is some information about both types of vehicles and what you need to know before choosing the one that's right for you.

What is a Crossover?

A crossover sits on a unibody frame. This means the body and the frame are all one piece. The result is a vehicle that offers a smooth ride and drives more like a sedan, just higher up on the road. A crossover offers a more agile driving experience than an SUV and is often easier to maneuver in parking lots and on narrow roads. The Dodge Journey is one of the larger Crossover vehicles with plenty of room inside for the whole family and plenty of power beneath the hood.

What is an SUV?

A true SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle has a truck chassis. This body on frame architecture means the manufacturer builds the vehicle's body separate from the frame and then puts them together. An SUV's frame houses the drivetrain, which includes the drive shaft, the wheels, and the axles, and this is separate from the body. The Jeep Cherokee is a popular SUV with the latest technology, a high-quality interior, and the utility to get you up and over rough terrain.

The Benefits of an SUV

An SUV's construction tends to result in a more rugged vehicle than a crossover. SUVs also resist rust better than vehicles that are all one piece. An SUV is often cheaper to repair after an accident, depending on the type of damage. In many cases, an SUV's weight and rugged construction mean it protects its passengers better in the event of a crash. Do your research, though, because some SUVs don't have a crumple zone in the front to help absorb the energy if you are in a head-on collision.

The Benefits of a Crossover

One of the biggest benefits to a crossover is the handling. Because it is all one piece, it handles and rides more like a car for a smoother experience on the road. These vehicles are also more fuel-efficient. SUVs are heavier than most crossovers, so they need more power to move, and this means they burn more gas. 

Which One is Right For You?

Both SUVs and Crossovers come with plenty of room inside for hauling gear or people. If you have a family and want a vehicle that is agile and comfortable to ride in, then you might prefer a crossover. If you want a trucklike vehicle that will get you over most road conditions and carry or tow more equipment, then you should go with an SUV.

"DODGE JOURNEY" by looks, used under CC BY

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