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Best Cars For Teens

Best Cars For Teens

The Best Cars For Teens Are Large, Affordable, and Have an Electronic Stability Control


After your teen followed these driving test tips and has their driver's license, it's time to choose the best car for teenage drivers. Make sure you give your teen the keys to a reliable, affordable car that is highly rated for safety. Bigger cars (mid-size and bigger than mid-size) are better for teens because they are heavier and offer more protection in the event of an accident. Another thing to keep in mind as you select the best car for your teenage driver is to choose a vehicle with an Electronic Stability Control. The ESC enhances control of a vehicle on wet, slippery surfaces and when making turns. When you conduct research of best cars for new drivers, pay special attention to each automobile's safety rating. The car you and your teen select should ultimately have as high a safety rating as possible.

Think about what a starter home is in the real estate industry, and it will all make sense. A starter home is typically more affordable and smaller than other homes, but does not compromise on any of the essentials.

Here are some of the best cars recommended for teens:

  1. Toyota Corolla (reliable, affordable and safe)
  2. Kia Forte EX Hatchback (lots of space for cargo, economical)
  3. Mazda2 (2014 or soon to be released 2016 model)
  4. Ford Focus (both hatchback and sedan handle well)
  5. Volkswagen Golf (good on gas, has a lot of packing space, with a 170-horsepower engine)
  6. Subaru Impreza (all-wheel drive, grips the road well)
  7. Hyundai Sonata GLS (four-cylinder engine, high horsepower at 198)
  8. Subaru Legacy (a larger car, good in winter)

Check out these great used cars to get an idea of some prices, mileage and features.

To Get a Wreck or to Not Get a Wreck: That Is the Question

Is it a question, really, whether or not to purchase a wreck, or a well-used, older, beat-up car? Unless you have a mechanic in the family with unconditional availability, do not buy a wreck for your teenager who needs his or her first car.

Yes, your own parent or favourite uncle may have waxed eloquent about the past when everything was simpler. With misty-eyes they may still tell you about how great it was when a few guys each kicked in a couple hundred bucks and shared that beautiful old '72 Chevette that they parked in a field. There it sat, free for any of them to drive around whenever they felt like, play chicken in, or take a special girl to the A&W in. Those days are gone, though – cars are no longer shared wrecks that can be parked in any old field, costing under a thousand dollars at most. They are not something to take lightly or share with a bunch of guys, and there is seldom anyone around to call upon when they continually break down. Get your teen a reliable, safe, larger car that is still affordable.

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