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5 Reasons To Get Your Car Serviced At Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge

5 Reasons To Get Your Car Serviced At Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge


Car maintenance is a significant part of owning a vehicle. As with
other tasks in life, many options exist to help people make sure their car
remains in good condition. But taking a car back to the dealership for service
is a smart investment in its overall longevity. Here are five reasons to go to
the car dealership for service instead of an alternative.

Specifically Trained Technicians

Dealerships must have specifically trained technicians employed to work on the cars. This a
requirement that all dealers have to abide by to keep up their dealership. In
addition, dealerships also have all specialized equipment and tools necessary
to service the cars sold there.

Inside Knowledge

Because dealers sell and service specific car brands, they have a
connection to that manufacturer. As a result, they receive proprietary
information about the vehicles that those not affiliated with the dealership
don't have. This means that if a vehicle experiences an issue specific to that
model, a dealer has more resources available to address the problem whereas a
garage has to find those resources first and then fix the issue.

The Right Parts

Replacing parts for a car is tough. But a dealership always has the
OEM parts needed for the cars it sells. Compatibility problems are not a
concern as they are in other situations. Obtaining and installing the parts for
a car often take less time at a dealership because parts are usually in stock.
If not, the dealer orders them with the goal of getting them as soon as
possible to keep up good customer relations.

Warranty Service

Most cars have a warranty at the time of a vehicle sale. The
length of the warranty and the specifics depend on the dealer. But it is common
to have extended warranties on a vehicle too. Warranties give people peace of
mind when it comes to service. If something goes wrong with a car during that
warranty period, it's covered at little or no cost to the owner, giving a
distinct advantage to dealership service.

Customer Service

The last advantage of going to a dealership is the high level of
customer service that they offer. While a dealership's main goal is to sell
cars, keeping customers coming back to the dealership for service and future
car purchases is just as important. Positive interactions with the dealership
go a long way in cementing the dealer-customer relationship.

A car dealer is not only connected to the manufacturer for
proprietary information, but they also represent the manufacturer too. So the
standard for customer service is much higher at a dealer than anywhere else.

Taking a car in for service is a significant undertaking for car
owners. Knowing that the work being completed is correct is a concern for most
people. But going to a dealership alleviates a lot of these concerns. Stop
by Crosstown Chrysler Jeep Dodge or Crosstown
Auto Body
so our talented technicians can get your car back in top

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