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The 5 Best Places in Alberta to Off-Road in Your Jeep

The 5 Best Places in Alberta to Off-Road in Your Jeep

Alberta offers some of the most amazing landscapes in Canada, which is
perfect for the avid off-roader looking for his or her next adventure. We
recommend the following off-road destinations.

Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area

The Prairie Creek area southwest of Rocky Mountain House offers experienced
off-roaders a decent challenge. The informal trails throughout Prairie Creek
are difficult, but they are perfectly suited to both off-road vehicles and
snowmobiles. While you pretty much have the run of the trails, keep in mind
that off-roading in the campsites is prohibited. Allow at least
a full day for your adventure, or plan on setting up camp at the campground,
because you'll face plenty of sheer drop-offs, water crossings, and other
difficulties that demand plenty of time.

Lost Knife Trail

Off-roading skills not yet up to snuff for an option such as Prairie Creek?
Head to Lost Knife Trail instead. With a route perfect for many beginners, you
can easily access this off-road trail from Highway 40, just north of Waiparous
Village. Offering 20 kilometers of trails, Lost Knife is an ideal place to test
your budding skills, although it is considered a moderately difficult trail.
Despite the excessive dust you're sure to stir up, the trail is easy to follow,
making it a great option for all experience levels.

Ruby Falls

Located about four and a half hours southwest of Edmonton, Ruby Trails
offers something for every type of off-roader. The trail peaks at 1,929 meters
and features various water crossings, not to mention a variety of rock, gravel,
mud, and grass terrain. Many off-roaders hitting Ruby Falls also take on the
adjacent Southesk Trail, but plan to reserve an entire day if you wish to
complete both trails simultaneously.

Top of the World

A relatively short trail, the Top of the World trail at McLean Creek, just
west of Calgary, is an off-roader's dream. It offers a steep climb and heart-pounding
that sets it apart from all other trails. With the significant climb
in elevation, you also get the benefit of experiencing some spectacular views
before heading back down. This trail puts even the most experienced
off-roader's skills to the test and isn't for the faint of heart. Be sure
you're ready physically and mentally before tackling the Top of the World.

Timeu Creek OHV Recreation Area

Known locally as Vega, the Timeu Creek OHV Recreation Area is located 40
kilometers north of Barrhead and is one of Northern Alberta's largest
off-highway vehicle (OHV) parks. It offers two campsites with washrooms that
serve as staging areas, making it a great option if you're planning a full
weekend to go off-roading. Timeu Creek is a remote area, so conditions can vary
significantly depending on the season. This includes wet and rainy conditions
during the spring and moderate snow levels from November to April. Therefore,
dress appropriately and bring your GPS to find directions if you aren't
familiar with the area. Two-way radios are also recommended, as cell coverage
is practically nonexistent.

With so many Alberta trails suited to off-roading, there no reason not to
hone your skills at these amazing sites. Have you tackled any of these trails
yet? Which ones are your favorites?

Image via Flickr by Brett Levin Photography

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