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4 Vehicles to Get You Through an Edmonton Winter

4 Vehicles to Get You Through an Edmonton Winter


Winter is fast approaching and in Edmonton, that means snow and lots of it.
In addition to preparing our homes and ourselves from the soon to be icy
weather, you need to make sure that you have the right vehicle at your
disposal. Driving the right vehicle can mean the difference between mastering
the treacherous, wintry roads and spending the entire season indoors.

Fortunately, there are some great vehicles ready, willing, and able to
handle whatever the Edmonton winter is preparing to throw at them. Learn about
some great Edmonton winter vehicles that will get you through one of the most
dangerous driving seasons.

Jeep Wrangler

Although capable in almost every setting, winter is when the Jeep Wrangler
really shines thanks to it's superior off-road ability, not to mention some of
the most enticing safety features in the entire class. With a powerful
3.6-liter engine, automatic transition and off-road stability you've come to
expect from the Jeep brand, this year's version of the Wrangler should be one
of your top choices to help you get through those long Edmonton winters.

Dodge Durango

When it comes to Edmonton winter vehicles, most consumers prioritize
performance over comfort, but you won't have to sacrifice either when you
choose the Dodge Durango. This year's Durango comes with two engine
options โ€” V6 and V8 โ€” both of which offer the kind of performance you'll need
to navigate snow packed roads. On top of that, the Durango provides some
excellent luxury features, including a spacious interior and one of the best
infotainment systems you could hope to find. To stay safe and comfortable this
winter, you only need to take a ride in the Dodge Durango.

2016 Chrysler 300

While usually viewed as something of a luxury vehicle, you might be
surprised to learn that the 2016 Chrysler 300 actually offers everything that
you could possibly want in a high quality winter vehicle. The Chrysler 300 offers
consumers two different engine choices, both of which offer more than adequate
power for getting around when road conditions deteriorate โ€” 292-horsepower and
363-horsepower, respectively. Additionally, you'll be getting the type of high
quality luxury features that are normally associated with the Chrysler brand.

Dodge Charger

Last on our list is one of the most recognizable names in the auto industry:
The Dodge Charger. Although generally not considered a winter vehicle, the 2016
Dodge Charger gives you everything you need to get through the year's darkest,
coldest months. Offering unbeatable power, all-wheel drive, and a design that
will be noticed in even the heaviest of snow storms, the Dodge Charger has
everything you need to get through the Edmonton winter in style.

The winter months bring a lot of changes, but the one to worry about the
most is the type of weather that can make it difficult to drive safely.
However, as we have seen, there are some great choices for Edmonton winter
vehicles guaranteed to help you get through the winter months with relative
ease. No matter which of these great vehicles you choose, all your winter
travels will be safe and secure, the way that you deserve.

Image via Flickr by Pavel P.

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