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The 3 Best Jeeps for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The 3 Best Jeeps for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ever since the first Willys MB hit the ground in Europe during World War II,
Jeeps have been popular as outdoor vehicles able to keep going long after the
pavement ends. Every Jeep SUV has the chops it takes to keep going through mud,
snow, ice, and other rough conditions, but some of them are especially suited
to outdoor life.


Every Jeep has some DNA from that original Willys
in them, but the Wrangler is its most direct descendant. The list
of standard features on the Wrangler include unusual items like easily
removable doors and a removable top, tow hooks for getting the Wrangler or
other unfortunate vehicles out of ditches, and an interior you can wash out
with a garden hose. Like other Jeep vehicles, the Wrangler comes with a
full-size spare tire, and while you won't find as many creature comforts
as in other SUVs, including other Jeep SUVs, the Wrangler will get you
absolutely anywhere a four-wheel vehicle can go.

You might also want to go with the Wrangler Unlimited, which comes with four
doors and more room in the back row but is otherwise the same.


The Jeep Renegade is part of the compact crossover category, which means
it's about as big as the Wrangler but it follows the more traditional modern
SUV design. Still, while this means the doors don't come off without a proper
toolkit and the interior has a few more passenger-friendly features, the
Renegade is still a Jeep.

The Renegade has the best-in-class cargo space, and it gets just that bit
extra thanks to a fold-flat front seat that turns the entire interior (aside
from the driver's seat) into storage space. The Renegade also has the
best-in-class 4x4 capability thanks to the available Active Drive and Active
Drive Low
systems, which completely disconnect the rear wheels from the
drive system when not needed for the best possible efficiency.

Grand Cherokee

Jeep's largest SUV comes with plenty of features that make it off-road
worthy. It has more power than you'll find anywhere else in the company's
lineup. For instance, the Quadra-Lift air suspension system can lift the Grand
Cherokee a full 10.8 inches above its standard height, giving it that much more
clearance in rough off-road conditions. It can also drop an inch down to make
it easier to climb in and to load cargo.

The Grand Cherokee also has the best-in-class towing capacity, with both the
EcoDiesel V6 and the Hemi V8 engine options able to pull up to 7,400 pounds
when properly equipped. You also get a choice in 4x4 systems. When the Grand
Cherokee has the Quadra-Drive system installed, you'll be hard pressed to find
a full-size SUV with better traction and control in all conditions.

No matter which kind of Jeep you get, you can rely on the fact that it's
better able to get you where you want to go than any of the competition. The
Wrangler is especially good at getting anywhere under any conditions. Aside
from that the only real question is just how much SUV you want.

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