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2015 Ram 1500 vs Ford F-150

2015 Ram 1500 vs Ford F-150

Ram has been trying to compete is one of the most brand
biased segments for some time now. The uphill battle for the Ram has been
pretty steep as it faces off yearly against top competitors like the Ford
F-150. Ram 1500 sales have been steadily growing and Chrysler Group looks to capitalize
on some its passed success and start eating away at Fords market share.

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The Ram 1500’s suspension is one feature that makes it truly
unique in its class. The Ram sports an adjustable air suspension compared to
the F-150’s conventional leaf spring suspension. The adjustable air suspension
makes for a ride so smooth, even while towing, that you may even forget you are
towing. When hauling loads over 1000 lbs. the Ram 1500’s ride seems unchanged
and there is no sag in the rear while sporting a heavy load. You can also find out how the Chevrolet Silverado faired in our Chevrolet Silverado model comparison. The air suspension
has some other particularly neat features as well. Loading cargo is always a
pain with higher standing trucks; however the Ram 1500 can “kneel”, lowering
the body by over 2 inches. This also comes in handy when you need to hook up a
trailer. On other models like the F-150 a lot of time is spent cranking a jack
to hitch up a trailer. On the Ram 1500 however, you can lower the back half of
the truck, thus lowering the hitch, slide it under the trailer, and raise it
back up. These features combined with a smooth ride make the Ram 1500’s active
leveling four corner air suspension a key differentiator in the segment.

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Ram’s engine, transmission and overall performance make it a
standout as well. It is again the only model in its class with an 8 speed automatic
transmission. The Ford F-150’s 6 speed transmission does not even seem fair to
compare against the Ram. When looking at fuel efficiency on the Ram 1500
EcoDiesel and Ford F-150 EcoBoost models the Ram excels in this category. The
Ram boasts 19 MPG City & 27 MPG Highway, while the Ford comes in at 18 MPG
City & 23 MPG Highway.

Moving into the interior, the Ram 1500 shows some amazing
attention to detail. Some of the standout interior features include rotary gear
selector, soft touch leather on doors and dash, ambient interior lighting, hidden
storage nooks behind the passenger seat and an Extremely detailed digital
instrument cluster giving you access to all the information you would ever need
to know about your truck. The Ford F-150 has upgraded and tweaked many of its interior
designs compared to older models as well but the attention to detail and the
understanding of what truck drivers actually want in the interior is a bit

The class exclusive features like the adjustable air
suspension and 8 speed automatic transmissions make the Ram 1500 a serious
contender in this competitive pickup truck segment. The uphill climb for Ram
may have suddenly got a heck of a lot easier.

From the exclusive features like the four corner air
suspension and 8 speed automatic transmission to the class leading attention to
detail found on the interior of the Ram 1500 truly make this truck a contender
in a very competitive automotive market segment. The uphill climb for Ram may have
begun to level out. You can read more model comparison pieces to continue to learn why the Ram 1500 is our top pick.

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